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Voted #1 most sustainable yoga rug by Yoga Journal Voted #1 most sustainable yoga rug by Yoga Journal
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    Unleash your Potential with a Yoga Rug

    Build more strength, alignment and wellness
    with the world's highest quality yoga rug.
    Certified organic and herbal dyed!


    Features & Benefits

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      Better than a Manduka Pro

      "Got mine today! the quality of this product cannot be beat. So much cushion for your joints, soft material that feels amazing on your skin, and grip that gets better as you sweat (not to mention the ridges to help you stay put in Down dog). Worth the $$$.

      I’ve been doing yoga on a Manduka pro mat for 10 years, 250 hr certified RYT.
      These Oko mats are way better 😬"
      - Sarah M.

      I Love It!

      “The aesthetic is amazing- it's gorgeous and I love that it's so different from anything I've seen before. The material/ texture is great and I'm able to practice without slipping. The most amazing thing about it (in my opinion) is how light weight it is! It's lighter than any other travel mat I've tried and SO much better. I'll be bringing it with my on my trip to Africa this week! “ Oko Travel Mat
      - Nicole Woyak

      Feels So Good

      "Practicing on my eco friendly yoga mat mat is an act of self love. Soft, with just enough ‘catch’ to hold poses. My skin just feels good touching it. I love that oko promotes sustainability as a whole using natural fibers, herbal dyes and artisan makers. Oko is at the forefront of setting a trend of the natural way products should be made. “
      - Paige Ashley

      Gorgeous and Effective!

      I wanted it because it's just so cute! But I didn't expect that it would also have great traction and works better for my knees than anything else I've tried.
      - Skye M.

      Healthy for You.

      Healthy for You.

      Our hand-loomed cotton organic yoga mats are
      herbal dyed using skin soothing and stress reducing
      plants and flowers for a yoga experience like no other.


      Healthy for the Planet

      Healthy for the Planet

      100% non-toxic yoga mats and accessories made from certified
      organic cotton and Ayurvedic plant dyes.

      There are zero man-made chemicals,
      heavy metals, PVC, BPA, binders or phthalates.


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        About Us

        We make the world's top quality, strength and
        wellness boosting yoga rugs while supporting
        artisans and preserving ancient craft and plant knowledge.

        Learn more about us